Waimea Canyon


Koke'e Road (Highway 550)
Kekaha , HI 96752


Waimaea Canyon is ten miles long, over two miles wide, and nearly 4,000 feet deep. It was formed by the Waimea River as it flowed through lavas of the Waimea Canyon basalt, resultant in deep gorges and a maze of canyons. Mark Twain nicknamed Waimea Canyon "The Grand Canyon of the Pacific" during his adventures in Hawaii. The canyon boasts a rainbow of rich purples, reds, greens, and blues, making it one of the most spectacular natural wonders to lay eyes on. To spend a whole day here, watching the colors of the canyon change with the shadows of the clouds and the trajectory of the sun, is to take part in a truly magical and dwarfing experience.

Waimea Canyon State Park is approximately 1,300 acres, and is surrounded on the north and the west by the larger, Kokee State Park. Both offer a multitude of hiking trails, picnic areas, scenic overlooks and drives. The park is lush with tropical plants, trees, native birds, and other animals. Some of the most spectacular views of the canyon can be seen from a short 15-minute nature trail, the Kukui and Lliau Trails loop, located between marker 8 and 9 in Waimea Canyon State Park.

Taking scenic Waimea Canyon Dr. (Hwy 552), visitors will see some of the most spectacular views on the whole island, perhaps the whole state. A marvelous view of the famed Kalalau Valley is accessible by car at the end of this road. Depending upon the weather and time of day, you may literally have your "head in the clouds," as you stand nearly 4000 feet above sea level following the lines of the steep crevices of the back side of the valley. Camping is available by permit in both Waimea and Kokee State Parks for a nominal fee per night. It will be quite a few degrees cooler at this elevation, also while it is generally drier on this side of the island, the weather can change abruptly, so plan accordingly. Brings lots of water and binoculars!
Written By: Rana Jackson
On: 12/13/2006


11.1 miles north of Kekaha on Koke'e Road (Highway 550); adjoins Koke'e State Park.


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