Mokapu Road
Kailua , HI 96734


Kuahine beach is located along the windward side of Oahu in the small town of Kailua. If you are looking for a beach that not a lot of people come to, then Kuahine cannot be beat. The beach is located inside a residential area with no easy beach access. There are no such things as private beaches on Oahu, however the easiest way to get to Kuahine is to park at Kalama beach and walk the approximately 1.2 miles to Kuahine.

The beach offers beautiful endless white sand, perfect for sunbathing, although it also has very little shady spots. As mostly residents use this beach, it is considerably quieter than most other beaches. The water, like most of the beaches in Kailua Bay is a deep blue color and is normally very calm. This makes Kuahine an excellent spot for water sports such as kayaking, snorkeling, swimming and even windsurfing and kite boarding. In addition to white sand and beautiful blue waters, there are also some incredible views to be seen and enjoyed at Kuahine. For instance, there is the magnificent back drop of the Ko’olau Mountain Range. The offshore Mokolua bird sanctuary islands also make for some incredible views- these islands have been photographed many times and for good reason, making Kuahine easily one of the most picturesque spots on the island. Due to the fact that this beach is located in the middle of a residential neighborhood, it does have some drawbacks though. There are no lifeguards nearby and the nearest facilities are located at least a mile away at Kalama Beach Park. However, for somebody who doesn’t mind a little walking and wants to get away from the crowds, Kuahine is definitely the perfect beach.
Written By: Shiromi Arserio
On: 9/19/2006


Take Kailua Road and turn left onto Kainalu Road. From there, make a right onto Kuulei Road and then a left onto N. Kalaheo Ave. Park at the Kalama Beach Park and from the beach, take a left and walk aprox. 1.2 miles to find Kuahine.


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