Keehi Lagoon Beach


465 Lagoon Dr
Honolulu , HI 96819


1st Mon of Month 6:00 AM - 10:00 PM


This large urban beach park is close to many city residential areas and downtown Honolulu, and it offers a venue for numerous activities and gatherings. The water is calm and the current is gentle, but it is not a swimming beach nor is it a place to sunbathe, snorkel, surf or dive. This is an area primarily for boating or outrigger canoes.

Across the roadway from the shoreline is an expansive park area and is used everyday for fishing, jogging, sports and more. In the very center across the roadway from the shoreline is a huge field, a large pavilion, restrooms, lots of trees and even tennis courts.

The entrance to the park just under a mile from runways at Honolulu Airport and two blocks from the freeway. Easy access and central location draws lunchtime and after work joggers, fisherman and canoe paddlers. During the noon hour it’s the perfect spot to enjoy a plate lunch from nearby food stands. Canoe clubs are often seen in the late afternoons with outrigger canoes and crew ranging in ages between 16-60 years engaging in active practice sessions. Soccer and softball practices and games are also held here on a regular basis.

Weekends bring crowds to the area. Harley Davidson riding clubs and car fancier clubs gather along the roadways and in the parking of the park to impress and socialize. Families from the nearby neighborhoods of Salt Lake and Kalihi gather for picnics, reunions, after-church gatherings and weddings.

The largest crowds are found during canoe regatta season when canoe clubs from all over the state gather semi annually for several days of competition. Flocks of islanders gather with flower lei along with food booths, cold drinks and an intense competitive spirit to cheer and be cheered on to victory.
Written By: Lottie Tagupa
On: 9/19/2006


From the H1 freeway westbound take the airport exit to Paia St offramp. At the stop light continue across Paia Street along Aolele St to Lagoon Dr. The entrance to Keehi Beach Park will be across the intersection at the end of Aolele St.


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