Nimitz Beach


End of Coral Seas Road
Ewa , HI 96706


Every day Dawn - Dusk


This sunny uncrowded white sand beach is far from Honolulu high rises and Waikiki hotels. Located on what was formerly Barber’s Point Naval Air Station, in an area in the midst of rapid suburban development and change. The beach is still widely used by military and dependants but is more recently accessible to anyone.

It’s a rather long drive from the nearest convenience store or gas station, so be sure to bring everything you need for a visit to this beach. Drive west toward Makakilo to the Kapolei exit and down the road past the old guard shacks and onto this former military base to get to the beach. The drive will take you down two lane paved roads past the airfield and abandoned military buildings and weapons storage facilities, through overgrown brush, past stands of ironwood trees and along the shoreline past tropical Naupaka bushes, beach cottages to almost the end of the road. Free parking is readily available just across the road from the Coast Guard station.

The area is almost always sunny with trade or sea breezes ever present. It’s far from the hustle and bustle of most city beaches, but aircraft noise from the nearby airfield can be disruptive or interesting, depending. The beach is surprisingly narrow, and the surf can be rough at times, but the ocean water is clean and crystal clear especially on calm days. Waves break on the shore almost constantly so it’s not a beach where small children can wander aimlessly with minimal supervision. The beach has a pavilion, picnic areas and other facilities to make a visit pleasant and surfers enjoy the waves year round.
Written By: Lottie Tagupa
On: 9/19/2006


From the H1 freeway westbound exit at Makakilo, turn left at the light and follow Ft Barrette Road to the old guard shack intersection. Turn left onto Roosevelt Rd and right onto Coral Seas. Follow Coral Seas to the end of the road.


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