Keei Road
Honaunau , HI 96726


Another picturesque South Kona beach is not uncommon, but this one will be harder to find and the locals want to keep it that way. A gem tucked behind a slim rocky road, no signs and plenty of rural coastal Hawaiian homes, Keei Beach is the ideal spot for Kona families with children, people wanting a mellow day to sunbath surrounded by beautiful coconut trees and a view of Kealakekua Bay and surfers and body boarders up for the challenge of the coral break of Keei, a treasured surfing haven.

Finding the road requires patience from both accessible directions as the highway and road leads into a one-lane road down along the coast between Puuhonua O Honaunua National Historical Park and Kealakekua Bay. Keei Road, a rough bumpy dirt road travels up and down along worn lava rock as it makes it’s way past breaks in the vegetation, giving glimpses of the brilliant blue water contrasting off the jet black lava rock cliffs along the water’s edge. Only about a five-minute drive, once on the dirt road, the road begins to level and expand, coffee shack style homes as well as large wooden houses begin to dot the landscape. Cramped into a small space, lined up alongside one another, these homes mostly house Hawaiian families with a couple exceptions. A massage therapy school meets in one of the building on a regular basis, as beach-goers will frequently drive-by a class in session sitting out on the lanai. Located at the beginning of the flat strip of land where the houses begin and the sand becomes visible, there are a few locations for parking, alongside the tall palm and coconut trees and near a few wooden picnic tables. Here, just inside the small stonewall is an entry point for the water, it is shallow and rocky with a small strip of sand that is usually occupied by local aunties and uncles sitting, relaxing and watching the water. At this point, many choose to swim out deeper, as the ground drops quickly away and long distance swimming is uninterrupted. Many people choose to start and end their kayak trips across the bay from this location, as it is easier and safer to gain access to the bay without damaging the kayak or living coral of the reef.

Further past the stonewall and small beach section is a larger parking lot, noticeable as it is the only place clear of large rocks, on the makai side, and commonly housing at least one truck or car. This is the recommended location to park, as residents do not want drivers traveling through their private road. Park here and walk further along the road, in between the homes and lines of coconut trees, over a patch of small but sizeable black lava rocks to a large stone wall and stone walk way. Traveling around the walls corner Keei Beach becomes visible in it’s entirety as a black and white speckled sandy beach, thin and hilly in description but perfect for relaxing and ample shade if need be.

This portion of the bay is primarily coral reef, home to numerous turtles and marine life. It is advised to only entry the water at the break points, long or wide strips of sand where there is no coral visible under the water. The spots are few at Keei but noticeable as the brightness of the water stands out among the dark coral coloring.
Written By: Hadley Catalano
On: 9/4/2006


At the end of Napoopoo Rd. take a left onto Puuhonua Road and the third right onto Keei Road. At the end of Hwy. 160 travel four miles down Puuhonua Road and take the first left, Keei Road.


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